Workshops to improve employability

How many times have we felt insecure with our CV? How many times have we been dismissed for a job because our CV is not well designed or does not have the correct information? In Fundación Senara’s employment area we work with individualized insertion itineraries adapted to the needs of each user. It depends on your Curriculum Vitae that they notice you, that they consider that you can choose the job offered or that you are not one more in that pile that does not even get to be read. Knowing how to design and fill out a CV is an art to master, essential when looking for a job.

Last Tuesday, a CV design and job search workshop was held on Internet portals at the Usera headquarters, framed within the Making the Future Possible-HPF project.

En nowadays, the job search relies heavily on different professional platforms, such as Infojobs or LinkedIn. Through this workshop, the students also received keys to make their candidacy more attractive on these platforms, and thus achieve their ultimate goal, to find a job. Both our expert Cristina and the girls who attended the workshop left the workshop very satisfied and, above all, with renewed illusions.

This workshop is part of the training actions of the HPF project, financed by Fundación laCaixa and the Community of Madrid through the call with a charge of 0.7% of personal income tax.