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At the Senara Foundation, we work so that the most vulnerable people have access to comprehensive training and decent work so that they actively contribute to the construction of society.

At the Senara Foundation we intend to be the engine of social change, contributing to a fairer society and a better world through comprehensive care of people according to their dignity.

Over 20,000 people interviewed

More than 4,000 people trained

3,500 labor insertions

1,500 children attended

More than 1,000 volunteers

The Senara Foundation was established on April 2nd, 1997. It was declared a State-wide level charitable foundation and it was registered with as a 28/1055 in the registry of charitable foundations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Since 2003, the Foundation has had its fiscal headquarters in Avda. Doctor García Tapia 163 A, continuing its links with the district of Moratalaz where it began its work. The daily work of the entire team of the Foundation is focused on the attention to groups at risk of exclusion, putting all our efforts in improving the working conditions of the people who come to us, training and support in the process of finding employment and reinforcement and education in values of children, always the most disadvantaged in this situation.

In 2018, the Foundation expanded outside of Moratalaz and opened a new office in the San Fermín-Usera district of Madrid, located at Calle Carabelos, 35, local b, 28041.

2020 has presented us with significant challenges and despite the COVID pandemic, the team at the Foundation has continued working tirelessly for all people who have come to us. We have assisted a total of 1,900 people in first interviews and have trained 1,500 people adding to 3,570 hours of training. We renew our commitment to each of them and hope to leave a positive mark during these difficult times.


Interviewed people


Trained persons


Sensitized children



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