for being
is our Every person,


Our mission is to provide people with the necessary tools for their personal and professional development through comprehensive care for each person, one by one, in accordance with their dignity.




Build a solidary society centered on the person and their dignity, working for and with people in order to develop their capacities to achieve better and more dignified living conditions allowing them to actively contribute to the enhancement of society.



We believe each person is unique.

Attentive listening and close human relationships allow us to understand and attend to each person’s needs and at the same time make them responsible through educating. We are also focused on giving the best service to the entities, companies, and institutions that we collaborate with.


The quest for quality in our daily work makes us demanding in the training of our employees and beneficiaries.

We are in a constant process of improvement, both in the technical field of social intervention and in human relations.


For their undisputed dignity, each person deserves the utmost respect, regardless of their personal condition or situation. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the development of each person so that they can reach their full potential which makes them independent and responsible.