Working on children’s rights in the classroom

All children have rights simply because they are. These universal rights common to all children in the world are included in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. child . The most ratified document in the world includes all those principles inherent to each child. In Fundación Senara’s childhood programs, we consider it essential that all minors have equal opportunities and are aware of their rights. For this reason, specific workshops are carried out for this purpose.

In the childhood classroom that Fundación Senara has at CEIP República de Venezuela, the students worked on law to a nationality and a name. For this they made some personalized passports.



In another of the childhood classrooms, located at CEIP Menéndez Pidal, the minors prepared their own letter rights highlighting those they consider most important.


These activities are part of the Intercultural Classroom project ‘Aprender Juntos’, which aims to promote the comprehensive development of minors and raise awareness of children’s rights in the school, family and community environment to promote an inclusive and tolerant climate towards minors in vulnerable situations. This project is subsidized by the Community of Madrid, thanks to the call from irpf.