How is hatred immersed in educational centers?

Hate is embedded in today’s society. Violent actions and comments are increasingly recorded, generated by discriminatory racist and / or xenophobic reasons. At Fundación Senara we carry out the project ‘Together @ s we are more’ in order to promote intercultural coexistence and awareness in the school environment to promote an inclusive and tolerant climate, free of hate crimes. A program implemented thanks to funding from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration and the Asylum, Migration and Integration Funds.

For this reason, for a few months we have been carrying out an analysis on the perception of minors about hatred, racism and xenophobia and a study with teachers on what are the most common stereotypes and hateful actions in Madrid schools. In order to facilitate the access and the carrying out of these surveys, we make available to the participating centers the links to carry them out:




Once the established sample of participants has been collected, we will publish a report with the results. In addition, in order to sensitize all the students, a visual exhibition will be located in the participating educational centers. Always showing the richness of interculturality and that # Junt @ ssomosmás